"Great support and education from Simon! He goes over and above to make sure you feel confident and capable during his sessions and when out in the community after your sessions too!"


Kellie Houghton

"I highly recommend Simon and his company. He is patient, flexible and most importantly interested
in what his client needs are, and adapts the program to suit them. I have seen many positive results from his instruction."

Melinda Spencer

"I began training with Simon a few months ago and I can already feel the difference. I started pursuing self defense because I do not feel safe travelling out and about in today's world. I believe there are an abundance of bad people out there and I am determined to not become the next victim.


But since I have begun my training, my confidence has grown, I feel stronger and more capable . However, most importantly I certainly feel a great deal safer when I go out. I still have a long way to go, but even based on the short amount of time I have been training with Personal Protection Training it has given me a life saving skill set and I am feeling better for it."

Emma Johnson (Psuedonym used for Privacy purposes)

"What an amazing first session with Simon. It was lots of fun and much easier then I thought to learn how to defend myself. Simon has put together a program that is easy for anyone to learn that combines all his first hand experience from years of martial arts and security work. I feel so empowered and strong within myself. Simon is a great teacher and I highly recommend to give his Personal Protection Training a go! "


Belinda Corniola 

"Simon is a very reliable, kind and caring person. I have trained with him learning various forms of martial arts to become an instructor myself. He is an inspiring instructor and very encouraging. Simon also has a passion for supporting persons in vulnerable situations and training them to be stronger in themselves and have more confidence. I would recommend Simon for any persons wishing to be more stronger and have confidence in their lives. It has been a pleasure to be your student."


Annette Kleijn

"I have been getting trained by Simon and he has taken me from having NO clue about self defence to feeling rather adept in a short space of time! I love training and learning his blended styles and would HIGHLY recommend him to anybody that wants to be able to defend themselves or loved ones. In my opinion which should be EVERYONE!"


Dan Wickland

"Simon's inclusive training style, clear demonstration of techniques and obvious experience shine through in his Personal Protection Training. I was glad to be able to participate and gather techniques that re-inforced my confidence. Perhaps the most wonderful part of Simon's service is his dedication to his core philosophy...stated simply...'that everyone has the right to feel safe'. Follow this man, as his attitude and professionalism combine to be a force for good."

Adam Taylor

"My Partner and I had a one-on-one training session with Simon and it was excellent! We left feeling better able to defend ourselves, with the ability to avoid a confrontation and with curious minds we are eager to learn more. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Simon."


Dawa Raphael Che

"My husband and I recently did a class with Personal Protection Training. Simon is a wonderful teacher! I am a complete beginner and he guided me through practical and easy to integrate tools for self-defence. In one session, he covered basic self-defence principles, techniques, blocks and ways to increase awareness. It was not only useful but fun to pad up and practice with my husband Dawa.  Simon has a lovely temperament and made me feel very comfortable exploring these unknown territories. I highly recommend his services and look forward to attending his next self-defence event and learning more from him! "


No Mi Che


"I became involved with Personal Protection Training on a whim and after some contemplation that I needed to get my life back on track. I have been in a domestic violence situation that I know I shouldn’t have been in but I was and I felt trapped so much so that I couldn’t break free despite my previous attempts.


I remember the day I walked into my first ever self defence class I was scared but was willing to give this a go. I was quite surprised by what I encountered. I assumed I will be taught by a stuck up and pretentious instructor that was egotistical and arrogant.But I was pleasantly surprised to meet my instructor Simon. He was very down to earth and made me feel quite at home on the mats.


I had no clue about martial arts and to help me feel comfortable Simon lent me a few books to read to help develop a keen interest in Martial Arts and Self Defence. This instructor certainly broke the mould and restored my faith in those that teach Martial Arts for a living. He practices what he preaches.


Simon always made sure that everything I learnt had practicality and could be applied under duress. I have learnt a lot not just about self-defence, but also personal development and security awareness with Personal Protection Training. It is a genuine statement the Simon operates his company wholeheartedly and works side by side with the client long term.


I know this because I’m one of their lucky students that took the risk and jumped on the mats to have the freedom I desire but also the determination to face my fears once and for all. Simon still offers me the support I need even to this day and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you!"


Marisa Smith (Psuedonym used for Privacy purposes)

We would like to give the big thumbs up in recommending anyone who is interested in learning the fundamentals of self defence from someone who has extensive theoretical and practical experience and is a terrific coach.

I was looking for someone to work with us one on one as I was keen as a protective dad to equip my daughter with a sound understanding of self defence in preparation for her overseas trip and starting uni.

Simon delivered on all fronts. Not only did my daughter obtain some fundamental life skills I also benefited out of learning some new skills myself and having fun along the way. His manner is very professional, method of teaching logical and thorough and the syllabus is well structured. He is very approachable and is a good communicator.

I wholeheartedly recommend Simons’ course to anyone who wants to learn a fundamental life skill and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are as my teen daughter and 50+ year old dad has demonstrated.

We will continue to engage Simon on an ongoing basis to reinforce, refresh and build on our learnings.

I am happy to provide further verbal feedback...just ask Simon for my number and I will be happy to oblige.”

Olivier and Sophie Pomie

I also thought I would show this recent video testimonial courtesy of Anna Osherov. Anna will be assisting our company by hosting our classes at her venue the Holistic Business Hub. Follow our Facebook page as well the Holistic Business Hub Facebook page. Click on the logo below to follow the links to her website. We are excited to be working side by side, as she has been one of our biggest supporters. We cannot thank you enough Anna for everything you have done for our organisation!