Life in Lockdown

This is my first blog in quite some time, as I decided to go off the grid and spend some time focusing on my mental health. In my last blog I spoke about taking a break from the security industry and it has done me a world of good. The only down side, is 2020 brought upon the Corona Virus Pandemic, and as a result business has slowed down immensely almost crippling it. There are trainers out there who have had to adapt and run their classes online and people have asked why I haven't followed suit.

The answer is with what I teach you need physical contact to apply the teachings. The techniques when applied rely on body positioning and contact to execute the moves. If you are blindly copying a demonstration online, with nothing but blind faith as your guide, you are setting yourself up for failure.That is the reason why I have not gone down that path even though it would be a lucrative venture.

I would rather train in person then blindly demonstrate on a computer. I want my students to ensure they have the required understanding of what they are doing then punching the air so to speak. The pandemic has also taught me the importance of maintaining social connection, as it can be quite depressing being locked in your house all day everyday.

I manage to get out of the house a few days a week and with help from my Personal Trainer I get the guidance I need to help me shed the weight I have gained during lock down. Prior to lock down I would visit the gym twice a week and go Kung Fu on Sundays.

I am hoping that once restrictions have been lifted that my students come back to training, and we can go about training like we once did, however I think that wont be the case. Which is why during lock down, I have been more active submitting content on Linked In and am reaching some of those who I wouldn't have thought I would reach, plus spreading the word for Personal Protection Training online.

In fact, the director of Lady Askari, a Kenyan Security Firm which caters to females, got in touch with me and spoke about possibly working together. This is something I am proud of is because as mentioned in a previous article, with Eleni Yannacaros women are an important part of the security industry and to see them leading by example by delivering high quality security services is something to be admired.

To learn more about Lady Askari please click the logo below.

I would like to see companies like this in Australia, because truth be told since the Hotel Quarantine debacle the industry has taken a beating leaving Private Security under the microscope. The behaviour of a few inept guards put people in danger and started a second wave of Corona Virus, has proven the Victorian Security Industry needs an overhaul and given the opportunity, I would happily, put on the uniform once more now that I have been addressing my mental health the right way.

The job gave me the satisfaction, and having the opportunity to work with some unique people made life worthwhile.

I want to thank those who read my articles and who have begun following me. It certainly is a privilege writing my blogs, and while I am at it please check out my trilogy of books and order a copy. If demand for the books grows, I will write another one.

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