Beyond the Velvet Rope

Hello, its been a while since I have written a blog. I thought that today I may as well mention that for an indefinite amount of time, I am no longer available to work Private Security. I have had to deal with some serious emotional trauma, from the last job I was deployed to which involved a serious workplace accident involving another worker, and have not been in the right frame of mind ever since. It has been a difficult choice to make, but because I truly care about my students, I want to ensure that I am in the best shape possible and no longer leave them in the lurch. The joy that I get from passing on my martial art skills is what really makes me happy. Training Autistic Children, has made me into a better instructor as you have to develop patience when doing so.

Whilst working in that capacity spanning almost a decade, I have worked in some of the most interesting facets of the security industry. I have worked as a Bouncer, Shopping Centre Security, I have worked Maritime Security, Corporate Security, Hotel Security, Patrol Officer, Event Security, Commonwealth Games Security, I have even worked doing CT Security (Conducting IED Sweeps) and VIP Security (CPP) at a prestigious Jewish College and at many private functions. Plus now, the job is becoming incredibly dangerous and have begun to take greater precautions when working, even going to the trouble of getting the authority to carry a baton and handcuffs when on duty in recent times.

Now I am no longer licensed I feel I can talk about this a little more freely. Some of the people I have had the opportunity of meeting are as follows:

- Stephanie Rice (Olympic Swimmer)

- Serena Williams (Tennis Player)

- Mark Phillipoussis (Tennis Player)

- Maggie Beer (TV Chef)

- George Calombaris (TV Chef)

- Julia Gillard (Former Australian PM)

- Rob Doyle (MP)

- Mike Larkan (TV Weatherman)

- Peter Hitchener (TV Anchor)

- Trevor Marmalade (Footy Show Host)

- Lindsay Fox (Trucking Magnate)

- Australian Olympic Swim Team

- Pratt and Smorgon Family

- Urban Family

- Jessica Mauboy

- Ian Thorpe (Olympic Swimmer)

- Ricki Lee Coulter (Pop Star)

- Karen Martini (Better Homes and Gardens)

- Tash Sultana (Superstar Musician and my beloved niece)

- Jamie Mc Intyre (Entrepreneur)

There are probably other people noteworthy of mentioning, but contractually with some jobs I have had to maintain discretion. I don't say this to brag, but say this because I wanted to mention that despite having these opportunities, more often then not as employed security personnel, we are meant to keep ourselves at arm's length from interacting with VIP.

All we are meant to do is our jobs which is to observe and report, and with exception of the charming Stephanie Rice and Tash Sultana who was rather appreciative of the security who looked after her. I have never really bothered to engage with the VIP because its seen as unprofessional. The reasons behind this is because security are meant to be seen as an invisible cloak and to blend into the background. We must be seen to intercept a potential threat and provide the VIP clients peace of mind. When working in this manner, there are so many things that can go wrong. All it takes, in this day and age is someone to slip past and attack the 'principal' or leave a device in the area that can cause reprehensible damage to property and life. There are also many legal requirements that go into setting up a job and probably the most important thing is the importance of a good team who speak the same language, display a good work ethic, and are punctual during changeover. Knowing your team, is what makes or break a job.

Other important aspects of the job are learning the formations when escorting, understanding the phonetic alphabet, maintaining discreet radio transmissions and probably the most important thing to learn is the ability to pick a needle in the haystack by this I mean looking for things that don't match your environment is critical to becoming an excellent operator. My advice to anyone wishing to pursue this as a career, is that you must start from the bottom. I remember I learnt the most doing some of the shittiest jobs known to man within the industry.

I did everything from doing static guarding in front of broken shop windows in rough suburbs, I also remember doing crowd control at the Friday night horse racing when I would often have to help eject drunken patrons after midnight, I also had to work in bars where I would be mopping up vomit and picking up broken glass and ejecting methamphetamine addicts from places of public interest. One of the most labour intensive jobs was working at the Docks, and doing manual computer data entry, keying in BAT numbers.

I now am dedicating my time to training my students, as well as doing the occasional bit of trade work. Prior to becoming security, I spent much of my time working on building sites, and am able to paint by trade. I can also brick lay and tile, but am still learning how to do it and am constantly refining my skills.

I look forward to seeing you on the mats and want to thank the following people for giving me the opportunity to work in the field: Brett Mc Call, Fred Reinking, Jez Privitelli, Damian Mulder, Claude Minisini, Grant Tucker, Kim Howes, Mark Hollis and Sam Dar for giving me the opportunity to build a career as opposed to working in a menial labouring position that I once envisioned for the remainder of my life.


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