Ice Ice Baby: Interview with Glacier (Lourene Bevaart from Gladiators)

For today's post I had the opportunity to interview someone who was apart of my childhood. (No, it isnt a long lost relative or anything like that) I am talking about the one and only Glacier aka Lourene Bevaart from the nostalgic Channel 7 TV Show Gladiators. I have vivid memories of the show hosted by Kimberly Joseph and Aaron Pederson. I even remember the original host Mike Hammond and everyone's favourite curly haired Cricket legend Mike Whitney refereed throughout the remaining seasons.

At the time of the show's airing I was an impressionable skinny, pasty white ethnic 12 year old kid. If you recall in a previous post around this time I was being bullied at school. After a crap week at primary school and after I completed my homework my Saturday night routine would consist one of two things.

Watching Gladiators on my trusty Palsonic 34cm TV complete with rabbit ears and Teletext! (Gotta love Kmart, thanks Mum!) I would religiously watch this in my room, whilst my parents were watching their own TV programs. Often my mum could hear me cheering in excitement when the Gauntlet, Pyramid, Hang Tough and the Eliminator events was about to start and much to her annoyance shouting very loudly "Challengers are you ready? Gladiators are you ready? 3, 2, 1. BLEEP!

Her solution to this? Let me visit a school friend who I got along with rather well, as we were in the same class and often played kick to kick footy on the oval most lunchtimes. His name was Chris Blain. Chris and I become friends from year 5 and 6, and helped me ride out the end of the school year by inviting me over to play Sonic the Hedgehog on his Sega Mega Drive, consume Pizza, Pepsi and Marshmellows before settling into watch Gladiators on TV. I used to love visiting Chris's house to watch Gladiators, in fact I would look forward to it.

As time went on however I began watching Gladiators not just for the brutal ass kickings the challengers would receive from the Gladiators in some of the events (Duel was notorious for this), but for some of the female gladiators.

I remember my top 3 female Gladiators: Fury ,Rebel and my ultimate dream woman as a gawky 12 year old kid Delta. Some kids develop their first crush on a girl at school, but for me it was Delta, and everyone in my small circle of friends knew it. In fact I have always loved Brunettes ever since!

Chris on the other hand, had his favourite. And that was Glacier. Glacier aka Lourene Bevaart, came onto the series later in the season 3 episodes and has been gracious enough to let me interview her. And for some extra 6 degrees of seperation it turns out my girlfriend's father Laurie taught at the same school that Lourene attended back in the day and knows her. Talk about coincdence!nyway enough of my childhood stories, here she is the one and only Glacier!

What were you doing with yourself, before you became a contestant on the then well known channel 7 program Gladiator on Australian TV?

I was a Physical Education Teacher and was competing internationally and around Australia with Karate.

Tell us how you felt when you were accepted as a Gladiator and what was the training regime like to get you in shape for the role of 'Glacier’?

It was for the first time ever in the history of the TV show 'Gladiators' that a contestant (winner of the series ) became a Gladiator. So, as you can imagine it was weird for everyone but after a few training sessions it was like I was one of them for a lengthy period of time.

Since the end of the series, do people still recognise you and do you still keep in touch with any of the Gladiators?

Ha ha! YES, OCCASIONALLY! I do keep in touch with quite a few such as Storm, Predator, Commando and Flame!

Who was the Gladiator you connected with most on the set and why?

I connected with most of the team really, but probably Electra more than others. She was my roommate and also Predator, Commando and of course Tornado as he was the new male Gladiator.

Tell us more about your training background?

I have always been very active and have a huge passion for health and wellness, hence why I studied in that field.

My training however was pretty intense. I would be up at the Dojo by 6 am and going through drills. The drills would range from Fitness, Footwork, Plyometric and Tactics.

I would be repeatedly working on my favourite combinations and techniques assimilating to different fighting situations as well as role playing

Three times a week I would do:

- Strength and Conditioning

- Classes of the evening Monday - Thursday

- Saturday State Squad training

In all the mix I would also add in a massage session and lots of visualisation and watching videos.

Apparently you were a student of Paul Mitchell and the Shukokai System. For the record I began my initial training under Anthony Jeffries who also taught Shukokai Karate not far from your club, Samurai Karate and was associated with your style. Why did you choose to learn Shukokai, as opposed to other styles of karate such as Shotokan, Kyokushin and Zen Do Kai?

I tried all the local clubs in my area and when I walked in to Paul Mitchell's dojo back in the days of when the Honbu Dojo was in Bayswater…it just resonated with me! It was professionally run , great energy and enthusiasm. The numbers in the classes helped and lastly it was recommended to me by a gentleman by the name of Tony Hewitt who I had a lot of respect for.

You were once Russell Crowe's and Shane Warne's Personal Trainer. How did you get the opportunity to train them and what were they like to train?

Im a big believer its about being in the right place at the right time. It definitely was with Russell Crowe. With Shane he heard through the grapevine that I had retired from training Russell so he approached me to train him. I still train him today.

Russell also was filming Gladiators at the time and by sheer chance 'Gladiators' was ranked no. 1 on TV at the time, so it just felt like serendipity and there was synergy between us.

They were both great to train but different . One is an absolute amazing actor with incredible schedules and the other is a super professional incredible athlete that also has demands on him but different.

You now do Public Speaking and Mentoring. I know other retired martial art athletes like Stan Longinidis and Sam Greco, are very passionate about doing this and enjoy this more then being in the ring. How has making the leap into this arena changed you and what are you priorities as a speaker and mentor now?

I actually am enjoying doing this by having and making a difference to peoples Health and Finances from Home. I know I have something that can have an impact in 2 areas I believe we all struggle with at sometimes in our lives and they are HEALTH and FINANCES.I do that with presentations and a breakthrough discovery in Cellular Health Technology. I love it!

Are you able to tell us more about the ASEA range listed on your website? It seems like an interesting range of products available. What are the benefits of these products and how can we learn more about them?

I have been in the health and Wellness Industry for over 30 years and yes their are many great products. There are also so many health products competing against each other and doing the same thing.

ASEA is unique and the number one reason is thats its native to the body. I don’t mean natural….I mean Native . So whats exactly in our body to empower the immune system and help our cells communicate is exactly whats in these group of products. They are called REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. Foundational to our health.

What happens as we age our bodies ability to make these redox molecules diminish because of so many things we are exposed too, lifestyle choices, pollution, pesticides in our food, food choices and so on. Because of that we start to show and feel the signs of ageing from the outside in and inside out. Who would like to heal and feel like they did 5, 10 or even 15 years ago? Probably everybody!

What we have, no one else has and it makes it so unique and because of that athletes, men, women and kids of all ages are seeing amazing health benefits.

For athletes for example:

*Strength 29% increase in endurance in 7 days

* Increased metabolism - significant shift in 43 metabolites after 4 weeks

* Enhanced fat oxidation and amino acid sparing

* Reduced Inflammaztion

*Cardiovascular perfomance - increased arterial elasticity,decreased levels of LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

*Increased Glutathione (immune system ) by 500 - 800%

For the everyday person:

*Improves Immune System Health

*Helps with Inflammation

*Helps maintain Cardiovascular Health and support arterial Health

* Improve Gut Health and Digestive system

*Helps modulate Hormonal Health

For more information about these products CLICK HERE on the hyperlink.

Last question Lourene, do you have any sage words of advice for people wishing to get involved in martial arts?

The Difference between successful people, winners and losers is most often NOT QUITTIING and doing what others won’t!

Agreed, 18 years on I am still kicking, despite many of my peers dropping out from training. Thanks for your time today it has been a pleasure to interview you Glacier...

I mean Lourene! Hehehe.

If you wish to connect with Lourene Bevaart please visit her website by clicking the underlined hyperlink.

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