A Hard Pill to Swallow: Interview with Marc Hardy

Today, I have taken the opportunity to pay it forward to a valuable contributor to my business. I, being quite naive to the new way of doing business sought counsel from a very passionate, bright and driven coach. This man wasn't a typical business coach who spouts warm and fuzzy inspirational quotes or vague business advice. He is someone who helped me push the envelope and helped me learn more about what it takes to make a business such as ours be seen in the marketplace. Much like the title of this blog, making change was a hard pill to swallow, but so beneficial for the outcome.

I thought in order to help him, much like how he helped me I would take the time to interview the man who has helped structure this business and give praise where it is due.

Marc Hardy and I initially met when I contacted his former employer to help with the business after seeing an ad on Facebook. I knew after my conversation with Marc, that he understood me and my vision. Most people who talk to me about my business assume I teach 'Karate' and whilst I studied that for the better part of 7 years, I have long since deviated from that one style alone. I have spent almost a decade learning 'Close Quarter Combatives' and when I spoke to him about my specialist training as well as my security work he understood me completely.

Most of the time when trying to explain to people about my training they usually say " Oh yeah, thats like Krav Maga isnt it?" Whilst there are similarities in certain techniques, it would be like comparing Oranges to Mandarins. Both are combat oriented defence systems, but are very unique to one another.

I just wanted to say before we start the interview that even though he is close in age to me, that the wisdom he has acquired is nothing short of outstanding. He is a go getter and someone who will hold you accountable to progress in business and in daily life. He certainly rattled my cage from time to time, but it made me realise the importance of being uncomfortable and embracing change.

Marc, what is your background in the field of marketing and sales?

My background in sales comes from my passion to understand Human Psychology and human behavior since I was a teenager. I’ve always thought that there is a system or blueprint to to the way our minds work and understanding that would help getting what I want in life.

On top of that of course, I have had sales experience in a network marketing company for a few years, starting a few of my own businesses and being a sales and performance coach for a coaching company.

What influenced you to become a business coach?

Well, after my stint as a performance and sales coach at a coaching company and having conversations with over 1000 different coaches, it really hit home that not many people out there are comfortable around sales and money, as well as the mindest that accompanies them. This includes most other coaches in the field who in fact are the very people in our society who are supposed to be role models for everyone else.

So I decided that the world needs my skill set and to learn how they can become much more comfortable around money and abundance as well as conscious financial growth. There is a stigma that starts with our parents and education system that I have a grudge against and I’m here to change it.

That is rather noble of you. Apparently you were once a member of the ADF. Tell us more about your time spent in the army and the role you served?

Its true. I served 11 years at an elite level in the Army. I served in a regiment called Special Operations Engineer Regiment which is located here in Sydney. Feel free to look it up. I also had the privilege of serving 2 separate 6 month rotations to Afghanistan, first in 2008 and second in 2010. My role within the regiment was quite specialized. I was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician Assistant Specialist that focused on biological, radiological, chemilogical warfare. What a mouthful huh? Haha. I loved my time in the Army. The friendships and experiences will last a lifetime and is an integral part of building my character today.


My sister was in the army for over 20 years and credits it to her success also. I met you when you were involved in Winning International. What was some of the highlights of working with such a prolific company with a large following online?

Some of the highlights from working at Winning International include;

a) Learning sales mindset and skill sets from one of Australia’s top preforming salesmen Ryan Magdziarz himself.

b) Living with him for 4-6 weeks and first hand seeing his life from the inside and what it takes to run a 7 figure Business.

c) Finding my style of sales and performance coaching that lights my soul on fire!

d) Learning that 25% education and 75% execution is the best ratio for achieving goals.

e) Learning that everybody should have a coach or mentor. EVERYBODY!

f) Even when you don’t know what to do, don’t stay stagnant, keep momentum even if it’s in the wrong direction. This is often where the best lessons are learnt.

g) A deeper meaning of Cause VS Effect. How to take ultimate responsibility for my life and not play victim.

These are but a few of the hundreds of lessons learned over my time there.

Indeed, some sage words of wisdom. Tell us more about your new venture and how it differs from what you did at Winning International?

So I created Military Execution Sales Academy to help coaches with their sales processes, structure, discipline and routine. The aim is to educate them 25% of the time but most importantly hold them accountable 75% of the time, then to actually pitching more frequently. It differs from other coaching because I have carved a specialist niche in sales mastery and that’s it.

I use my military experience and discipline to put you into a pressure cooker and spit you out as a sales weapon. It doesn’t matter what skill level you have right now, the only thing that will make you great is being in the trenches and having sales conversations with more of your perfect prospects. So the focus is no matter what, pitching. In my 6 month mastermind we work our way up to 10 pitches per week. I guarantee a 6 figure income within 6 months or a 120% Money Back Guarantee!

That is certainly sounds like a great course! Best breakthrough moment with a client?

Best breakthrough moment was definitely our 7 hour sales call close. Yep, that’s right 7 full intense hours of a best version/worst version, sales leader/client standoff. I talked for the first 5 hours to the client and Ryan stepped in and took it for another 2! We both made amazing progress and had our work cut out for us.

We needed to breakthrough multiple limiting behaviors and beliefs and instil new supporting beliefs and foundations to then reframe everything to the client as he knew life. Once that occurred you can actually have a mature conversation and talk business with the ‘best version’ of that person and close the deal. The only reason we persevered so long is because without a doubt we knew he needed what we had.

Do not ever persuade someone if they are not a right fit. EVER! Sales, unfortunately is a skill that can be used for manipulation purposes OR positive purposes. Please be a ‘white magic’ user and work for the greater good.

What are your interests outside of working with clients and where do you spend the most time?

Snowboarding, sales, psychology, reading/ listening to audio books, self education, networking, observation of other business practices. I smash the gym as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle where I also like to indulge in rich tasty naughty foods too haha.

I think we are all a tad guilty of that. My weakeness is Caramel Slice! Goals for 2018?

No more than 30 Mastermind clients, 5 Staff, 30 Podcast Episodes, 100 YouTube videos, 20,000 followers on Instagram, an interactive Facebook group, 300 served clients in my 14 Day Incubator Challenge, an end of year client retreat, a published best seller book on Amazon. Needless to say I have a very productive year ahead!

I am certain you will accomplish all that! If you could meet any role model of yours alive or dead who would you like to meet given the opportunity?

Without a doubt, I would choose to meet Bruce Lee. My dad always spoke about him with much admiration and I didnt know why. But now I get it. Not only was he a master in his discipline of Jeet Kune Do, he was a philosopher of sorts too. He studied immensely the history of philosophy and martial arts, defied conventional norms (Teaching Kung Fu to Westerners, and discarding useless techniques when teaching the art of Wing Chun) He also came up with his own methodologies on training and thoughts on life based on his experiences which in turn created the legacy of Bruce as we know today.

He was one of the most intelligent intellectual conscious humans of the planet of all time. If you take a read of any of his journal entries you will be taken on a journey you can never come back from. It’s kinda like a Red Pill from the Matrix. Yep, I definitely pick Bruce.

Agreed! Bruce Lee was definitely a role model for me to become involved with Martial Arts also. Finally, any words of advice or encouragement for our readers looking to get involved with coaching for the first time?

Yes of course. Let’s take a journey. I want you to play full out. Just play along with me here, there is a reason.

Think back to any time you have been inspired and motivated to be your best and achieve what you want. Think back to a time when you were just ‘on point’ and in flow and nothing could stop you. You were killing it and you had effortless momentum. That’s the best version of you!

That’s who you want to be all the time. Imagine if you could be that person all the time? Well, it just so happens that the fastest path to that is having a coach or mentor.

Find someone who has done what you want and pay them to get you there. Remember they have already made all the mistakes, if you go alone you may make the same ones as them. How much quicker would you be the person you want if you didn’t make all the mistakes in the book and you had someone who you admired watching over you?

That seriously is the best investment you could ever make. YOU ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE.

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed today, Marc. I hope that you do well over the next year and reach your goals. I am certain, you will as you have the drive and tenacity to achieve them.

If you wish to contact Marc you can reach him on his Facebook page or by clicking the following link to the Military Execution Sales Academy page.

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