Spotlight on Neuro Linguistic Programming

Today I am writing this post to let you know about one of our recent additions to team at Personal Protection Training. I had the privilege of meeting the delightful Catherine Hindmarsh at a networking event. I met several people that night, who I connected with. Catherine however piqued my interest and upon speaking to her, thought she would be a good fit for our business.

Catherine, has achieved a lot in her life, and is incredibly intelligient and engaging and I am pleased she has decided to join us on our journey. She has a unique skill set and in her field she has developed a good reputation for helping people make personal change. Martial Arts isnt just punching and kicking, but it takes on a holistic approach encompassing the spiritual side as well as the mind. Catherine's achievements are impressive to say the least and we are fortunate to have her working with us..

Catherine will be helping our students make permanent changes to their lives in a special and unique way. I have asked Catherine if she would like to be interviewed and featured in this week's blog which she readily accepted.

Catherine, thank you for giving up some of your time to be interviewed today.Before becoming involved with personal development what did you do for a living?

I started off working with people with disabilities. Then I moved into real estate in sales not because I wanted to sell but I wanted to learn personal confidence.

What drew you to becoming involved with NLP and who introduced you to it?

Excellent question. I was introduced to the concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming when I attended a seminar which featured Tony Robbins. It was a experience that changed my life. I started listening to audios, reading books and seeking like minded people.

Describe to the readers what NLP involves?

Imagine you have a Library, it's your brain. It decides where information, experiences and emotional responses are stored. Sometimes we have "books" or experiences and information. That our brain doesn't know what to do with it because it's covered with yucky stuff.

Usually painful or uncomfortable experiences. And you could imagine these books get thrown into a pile. Let's call that pile 'I'll deal with it later or never' and that pile becomes so heavy it's like carrying a extra 100kg.

Along comes NLP. It gives you the skills, tools and understanding you need to refile the I'll deal with it later or never pile. Then without that pile that's like carrying 100kg. Your free and able to process any situation to excel! Beyond anything you could have previously imagined.

Oh the other side, imagine your role model. Someone you want to be like, the success they have or the money they have, or the relationship they have. All of that information is stored in a file called a pattern. Imagine if you could not only understand but follow that pattern, or recipe. If you follow that exact recipe, the ingredients and method you would get the exact same result. NLP can help you get that recipe. Understand it, follow it exactly to a t and get the same result.

Can anyone use NLP?

Absolutely anyone can use NLP and following their own path to a better life. It's all about Empowering yourself with skills and strategies to protect yourself. Protecting yourself from that nasty little voice. You know the one?

Or protecting yourself emotionally from others.

Also understanding that most people when attacking you are really triggered by something going on inside of them. Once you understand that, it helps you and it helps them.

How has NLP changed your day to day life?

In every way. By no means am I now so perfect because of NLP. I still have bad days, get cranky and frustrated. The key difference now is I look for why am I feeling this way.... What is the pattern that got me here and how do I change my BEHAVIOUR to not go there again in the future. I listen to anything but that's the type of language I was using at the time.

NLP has helped me in many situations to de escalate a situation or to calm myself and or others. It's helped by understanding someone's reaction to a event is not the cause but simply a trigger. When you talk to someone and you genuinely want to help them, despite them not understanding how to help themselves at that time. The walls come down and they open up. You often get to the route cause. Below the triggers.

NLP gives you the language skills the ability to understand body language and how to get in rapport with someone. And how to help them process a event or emotion beyond a conscious level. The route cause is hidden in the unconcious. In the library with all the 100kg the brain doesn't know what to do with.

It says on your website what you a clinical hypnotherapist, can you tell us more about that?

Yes I am. It's amazing I love hypnosis. People who tell me I have never been hypnotized before, I always ask do you watch tv. And they usually say yes. Then I tell them well congratulations you have been hypnotized. Within 7 seconds of watching tv we go into trance.

Hypnosis works with 95% of your mind the unconcious. When we work with unconcious you get better faster results.

What kind of people come to see you for the services your provide?

All kinds of people. Anyone who wants something in their life to shift to be better or stop being painful. It has to be worth the time and money investment though. If it's not, the problem isn't big enough to solve. Because it's not painful enough for them.

Can you list the benefits of seeing a hypnotherapist?

So many. But it really comes down to if you want real change and you want to make a lasting shift without having to wait years to get results. See them after the first session and each session after :)

Describe to us the best breakthrough you have had with a client?

They are all the best. But I have helped people get over their limiting beliefs and speak infront of groups of people now and they are becoming a trainer and speaker to help others

What impact do you seek to make over the next few years with your business?

A massive one I want to touch hundreds of not thousands of lives within my business.

Any advice for those who are wanting to enter the field of personal development? Or for those wanting to become qualified NLP instructors?

Yes please speak to someone who is doing it, who you connect with on a emotional level. You have to connect with your trainers. I did and it's the best decision because I then trusted they had my best interests at heart, it allowed me to let them influence me and train me.

For those interested in working with you what is the best way to reach you?

By phone on 0400 551 626 or find me on Facebook :)

Thanks for your time today Catherine, I look forward to working with you and my students.

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