Bound for Glory

Today, I thought I would write a very quick blog post whilst waiting for a phone call from my study coach Karen. This morning I am in quite a good mood after receiving an award for Personal Protection Training's services to the local community of Maroondah. I was presented with an award by the Assistant to the Federal Treasurer and our Local MP Michael Sukkar. This award is a government recognised award for the work that we do, and even though Simone and Katie who also work inside the business couldn't join me on stage, it was still quite an honour to receive it. You can watch it on the Facebook page.

The hours I have spent working night shift to pay for marketing the business, creating merchandise, writing proposals, contacting community houses, studying management and developing the very website you are reading this post on, have been all worth it. Even though there were times when people thought I was crazy to stay awake for 18 hours straight to build my website from start to finish, I can now see that the work is coming to fruition.

This award may not be an Oscar or an Emmy, but for that fleeting moment when 600 people heard what we are doing within the local community and the neighbouring areas, it felt like I reached the summit of that mountain of dissapointment I have been scaling for some time now. When you experience constant failure, you learn to embrace it and after a while to sting of dissapointment and rejection doesnt feel like a throbbing pain in your gut, it feels like a tiny pin prick in the grand scheme of things. I was fortunate to have my mother, one of my close friends there and my girlfriend attend the event. This is just the beginning and I have grand ambitions to make this business accessible for those that need it most, and making affordable yet practical training for all.

If you have seen the last videos in my previous post this is exactly the feeling they talk about attaining if you keep persisting with your dream, no matter how ludicrous it may seem to others. When people said to me 3 years ago, that I was silly for investing so much time into my protege, I ignored them and continued to educate Lisa even though others thought it was a waste of time. She has always believed in what we do, and that is why I have remained loyal to her in regards to mentoring and training her.

You can't buy that kind of loyalty which is why our students from the time they start training with us till the time they finish are given that extra special treatment. Too many large scale training facilities treat you like a walking ATM and dont take time to get to know you as an individual. That is the advantage of training with us. We keep our groups small, and our private tuition is exactly that. 100% focused on the client.

Please watch this music video by Rose Tattoo. They are an old school 80's Australian Rock Band who encapsulate that very feeling of victory after enduring constant failure. You will even see a young Anthony Mundine training in the video. He looks like he is in his late teens here. He also despite his cocky demeanour in recent times has proven he has become successful. Love him or hate him he has made it in his chosen field of Boxing. This song often gets me motivated to work harder after a win.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help celebrate our success. If you are considering joining us and want to interact with me, please visit our Facebook page and feel free to post questions or direct message me via that page. I will get back to you in a fairly prompt fashion. Or if you like call me, Email me or text me via the details provided on the Contact Us page.

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