Fighting for Survival and Dealing with Adversity

Today's blog post is slightly different to what I would normally write about. Often we talk about self defence topics and other methodologies, but today I thought I would talk about dealing with adversity. Everyone has their own battles they must face daily, and those that tell you that life is easy well they are full of crap. Life is incredibly challenging, and if the last few years of my life have definitely been far from peaches and cream, it has been like a poorly written Mexican soap opera.

The amount of obstacles I have had to overcome have been phenomenal. I will explain how so in the next few paragraphs but I am not asking for sympathy. I dont want people to feel sorry for me. I am talking about these challenges to show you that even though it seems like Life is throwing curveballs at you, it is how you learn to adapt to it and make it work for you.

Firstly, in my mind the reason why we are met with challenges is because Life is like a game. In order to make it work for us we need to be willing to play it, take some calculated risks, and occasionally lay it all on the line. When we do that we are usually rewarded be it financially, spiritually or careerwise. However, sometimes the game of Life needs us to reevaluate our decisions and take us down a peg or two back to reality. These lessons are known as setbacks, and if we let them take us hostage we will lose the game. People who I admire such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Wahlberg who these days are icons in Hollywood all went through the abyss of dissapointment and failure before cementing their hero status in current times.

As a martial artist and security officer, I have spent much time besides learning physical techniques to teach to students, spending much time in learning how to master the mind. It has been an arduous task, as often I have been in the company of negative people who dont understand the power of the subconscious mind. I have read books about controlling fear, books on self motivation, books about communication techniques, and even book on the power of self talk. I also attended various seminars held by people like Stuart Zadel, Dympna Boholt and Jamie Mc Intyre. Doing all this has helped me craft a unique positive mindset which helps me light the candle in times of darkness. Often attending these events on my own, made me realise to concern myself with helping myself first, before reaching out to others. If and when they are ready then they will come, otherwise I will keep reinventing myself.

I often meet people who think I have it all. A beautiful girlfriend, a business of my own, a place to live, a nice car, a family and supportive friends. This is no accident. This came about from taking steps to achieve these goals. And I have discovered that it wasnt luck. No it was working my ass off when most people after a day's work retire for the evening. Instead of watching The Voice, Master Chef or Game of Thrones, I am either working on venue proposals, desigining programs, forming business relationships, fiddling around with my marketing, writing blogs, ordering equipment etc. Some nights I am up till 3am working on this business. I want to make an impact and help as many people out there. My protege Lisa, Simone my business associate and Katie my friend and coach all have faith in what I am doing, and I shall not dissapoint them. Since forming this business, my zest for life has increased and I am determined to not stop until I get to the top.

Why you may ask? Because in the last few years I was terminated for wanting to teach self defence to school children at my former workplace, was unemployed for 9 months and amassed significant debts, My Aunt died of Pancreatic Cancer, I then picked up another job then a year later I was made redundant despite me outperforming the other staff I worked with, my Dad became gravely ill and died also of Pancreatic Cancer, I then found another job outside of my field and began repaying my debts, I then wrote off the car my Dad left for me in a vehicle collision a month later, The month after wards my childhood friend passed away in his sleep at the age of 32 and then to top it all off I lost that new job I had due to irreconcileable differences between me and my boss. Two days after my sacking, he wanted me to come back. After that, I fell into arrears with my bills.

It was then I decided I am sick of being a victim to circumstance. I told the boss I am not coming back, as he made it clear I wasnt wanted let alone valued. I decided to start my own training company, as I already had the skills to teach. I have since then spent time studying a diploma and business certificates, compile a business plan on a previous idea I had back in 2014. The business you see here today is that previous idea.

Since all the work that has been put in to make this a viable business, we have received confirmation that Personal Protection Training has won an award for valuable services in the Maroondah Community. I will be accepting an award from our Federal MP Michael Sukkar on Monday night. Winning this award has made me realise that all the hours spent working in the business, when I could have been watching TV or hanging with friends have made me understand the importance of sacrifice.

4 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Lindsay Fox , owner of LINFOX Group at my workplace. I spent 10 minutes talking to him about my goals. He then wrote a letter to me indicating that even though he couldnt mentor me personally, that I can make a difference to my neighbourhood and he had every belief that I will be successful in my future endeavours. I framed that letter in a photo frame and everyday I would look at it before I left the house. I now can say I have fulfilled that objective. It may not have happened straight away, but I got there in the end. This is proof that you must begin with the end in mind, and that what you believe in can be achieved.

After scaling a mountain of dissapointment, we have now reached the summit and all that negativity has turned into a positive. The one thing I can attest to growing through that incredibly challenging time in my life is that if you are at the bottom of the heap, the only way is up. I also got into the habit of watching videos of Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and even Eric Thomas.

So now you know the motivation I have to ensure my students have a winner's mindset. My training has played a part in it, but what has lifted me to the echelons of achievement is the self development I have done in my spare time. The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step. I will not stop moving forward and even though I am not totally in the clear yet, I have some terrific goals which I will share with you all once the timing is right. Our business is going to shake up the fitness industry, and I will not let anything stop me from acheiving this. Thanks for your support and I hope this blog post has helped you analyse your situation and given you the courage to make a change for the better. Watch the video below to see the importance of making a change. I find this whenever I watch it inspires me to stay the course no matter how difficult things may seem.

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