Simone O Brien was born in the country town of Dimboola on the 7th July 1975. She did her schooling in Dimboola, and at the age of 15 she became involved in tennis, touring to the USA representing Australia and played around the country. Simone also competed in cross country, basketball and netball, as sport was something Simone excelled at, and had much passion for.


Simone gained employment working at a local health food shop doing a retail traineeship and over time she relocated to Brisbane with her husband Trevor and daughter Gabrielle and whilst there she gave birth to her daughter Ashlyn and her son Zac. She also got a full-time job working as an executive assistant to the Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Transport, based in Queensland.




Simone is a very caring, family oriented and friendly person, who has had her fair share of challenges, but the night of 25th September 2012 her life had completely changed forever. She was no longer with her partner Trevor, but was with another man. Someone who she trusted and introduced to her family, but turned out to be nothing more than a jealous, manipulative con artist who had a serious mean streak. That wasn’t the person she first connected with, but someone else entirely, a complete opposite of the man she first met. She then attempted to end the relationship after discovering certain truths about him, however he wouldn’t take a hint and comply with her wishes.


That man in retaliation, did something so cruel and unimaginable during an argument he beat her with a baseball bat severely caving in her skull and shattering her bones. Simone was left lying on the floor barely conscious, with her children witnessing the incident. The children immediately alerted her neighbors who came to help. Her neighbors then intervened and restrained the man and when medical help arrived she was rushed to the Royal Brisbane hospital for emergency treatment and Police later arrested the man. He is now serving time in prison for his heinous and barbaric crime against an innocent unarmed woman.


Simone’s injuries were so horrific that her chances for survival were slim and she was fighting for life. Doctors were in shock due to the nature of her injuries but with their valiant efforts reconstructed her skull with tiny titanium screws and plates, and plastic surgeons then remodeled her facial features. Somehow, she pulled through the surgeries, which is miraculous to say the least. She mustered up all her strength and day by day, hour by hour she was fighting to survive daily.


Fast forward to today, Simone is a walking testament to modern medical marvels performed by the hospital surgical team as well as Simone’s strength, dedication, positivity and determination to live and get where she is today. Since the incident occurred she has now reconciled with Trevor and is back with her family. Her story which was featured on Channel 9 TV show 'A Current Affair' is below.


Warning: Video Contains Graphic Content.


She now tours the country performing keynote speeches about her ordeal, so she can warn others about the seriousness of Domestic Violence and is taking a stand to help prevent this happening to others. She is a White Ribbon Advocate and Personal Protection Training is fortunate to have Simone affiliated with our mission and values to help teach women the skills to protect themselves and nurture them to become strong, fit and confident individuals.