This is our company logo. It may seem like a peculiar choice for a logo, but it has sentimentality to us. I shall explain its origins and what it symbolises.

Most clubs choose logos which demonstrate ferocity and evoke strength and control using creatures such as tigers, lions, dragons, snakes etc. These logos embody a certain unique spirit amongst club members.  I am not judging these clubs, but our approach is slightly different. Let me use the following comparison of the humble rooster and hen.

We nurture our students and keep them safe. Much like raising roosters and hens, most students start their time with us as beginners to the Martial Arts. Quite like eggs, which need to be kept incubated in order to hatch into chicks. Chicks are quite fragile and require to be handled with delicate care . 

By nurturing and educating the students in the early stages by educating them with security awareness knowledge and gradually introducing them to effective training principles and verbal diffusion tactics over time they become more coordinated and become better at using the skills we teach them in a real life scenario.

We take care of our students like you would raising barn bred poultry. As time passes they begin to develop and grow into roosters or hens. Some might say that they are docile creatures, but have you ever tried to chase a rooster or hen around a barn? Even if you did back it into a corner and attempted to grab it, the rooster or hen would attempt to defend itself by clawing and pecking at you.


On the surface, it may appear that these creatures are docile and harmless, but will fight back when provoked. This is usually the by product of our training structure, so our students can become skilled at defending themselves successfully if the situation arose. Strength mixed with softness is the result of this process and once adept can turn this skill off and on like a tap. That is the power of Martial Arts and our training methodology. 

If you look closer at the logo you also notice the rooster is wearing a cape with an emblem. The cape represents strength and the shield represents my time serving as a security officer. The letters SK represent an abbreviation of the name of our fighting system.        

Si-Kyu-Shudo-Kai which is a combination of all the styles I have previously studied. 

As you may have seen on our home page, we primarily specialise in teaching Women, School Children and victims of Domestic Violence. Our reasons for choosing these people, is because there is very little in the way of training designed specifically for these groups. We can recommend other schools for those that don't fit our criteria.

We focus our self defence training to build up fitness, confidence as well proficiency in skill development and security awareness for all our students. We also offer ranking opportunities for those that wish to progress through the ranks and even offer scholarship opportunities for those wishing to train but are unable to because of their current situation. Please contact us to see if you are eligible to train with us for *FREE during your time with us.

There are plenty of schools that cater to men and offer sport based fighting arts, and those beginners that wish to train in self defence must be exposed to training in this environment. We feel that it can be rather daunting and intimidating for a beginner to train this way, which is why we offer private, group, school sessions as well as weekend seminars and corporate training.


If you are stuck for gift ideas don't forget to ask us about our Pre Paid Gift Certificates, which is a great way to get your friends, family and loved ones involved in training.

Finally, The creed "Freedom is the Dream to Fly" was coined by my first student who has been a victim of Domestic Violence. She told me that when she began undertaking my training that she felt freedom and was at peace on the mats training with me. I then asked her to come up with a creed to match the logo. So now you can see that the creed embodies freedom from violence and the ability to imagine life without fear. This is why this logo is so special as it embodies the very ethos of our business and instils pride in those that wear the emblem.

*Conditions Apply